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Why Senzu Beans So Rare And 50 Other Questions On Dragon Ball Part 2

This is part 2 of the article on the frequently asked questions on Dragon Ball. As expected from a legendary manga, there’s so many questions floating around the net. But I decided to only answer the most common questions. 

You can click here to read the first part. 

Anyway, just like the first part, you can jump to the relevant answers by clicking on these questions below. 

About the world of Dragon Ball

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23. Who can lift the Z swords?

In the Majin Buu arc, Gohan is the one who pulls the sword out of the towering cliff. He was struggling at first, but once he turned super saiyan, he could lift it up straight away. Later on, Goku came along and despite admitting how heavy the sword is, he could easily lift it up with one arm. 

So we can surmise that every saiyan on earth could lift the Z swords. The degree in which they could handle it may vary from person to person, but overall, I believe they all could lift it up.

24. Would the Z sword kill Buu?

Highly unlikely. Although the Z sword was said to be the strongest sword in the universe, it doesn’t really possess any unique powers other than being extremely heavy. Not to mention Buu has a pretty much indestructible body. Even multiple energy blasts couldn’t destroy him, what’s a measly sword that shattered upon impact with the hardest metal in the universe could ever hope to do?

25. Why are senzu beans rare?

Senzu beans are rare because there’s only one senzu tree in the universe. Even that one has to be meticulously taken care of by master Karin and can only be grown in the Karin temple. And it also takes a long time to grow.

The only clue that we have is from the Frieza arc in Dragon Ball Z. At the beginning of the arc, Goku is mortally wounded and the doctor said he may not be able to return to his normal self. To that, Master Karin says,”Oh, there’s nothing to worry about. In another month there’ll be some new senzu on its tree.”

At the time, master Karin had already given him the last two senzu beans before the fight. And sure enough, a month later, Yajirobe comes to the hospital to bring all seven senzu beans that have grown. So, we can roughly say that it takes at least a month for around seven senzu to grow. 

In comparison, actual lima beans, which the senzu are based on, usually takes around two to three months to grow. And when it’s time to harvest, you’ll get around a bowl of beans from each plant. 

26. What happens if you eat too many senzu beans?

You will feel so full to the point you can’t no longer move. Yajirobe did this the first time he came across Senzu beans. He mistakenly thought it was just regular beans and ate a handful of it at once. Well, next thing he knew, he couldn’t move. Because other than its healing aspects, once you eat a senzu bean, you can go without eating for ten days.

27. Who did elder kai fused with?

He was fused with an old witch. Long time ago, when he was still young, an old witch took the potara earring from his right ear and put it on her right ear. And that is what triggered the fusion. He looks very old as a result, but it is also what enabled him to use magic power, such as the one that he used to awaken Gohan’s hidden power.

28. What animal is shenron?

The design of Shenron is based on the mythical dragon from the Chinese mythology. As to what kind of animal it is, well, Chinese dragons are a lot of animals. Based on the ancient Chinese document, a dragon has anatomical resemblance to nine different animals. 

“His antlers resemble those of a stag, his head that of a camel, his eyes those of a demon, his neck that of a snake, his belly that of a clam (shen, 蜃), his scales those of a carp, his claws those of an eagle, his soles those of a tiger, his ears those of a cow. Upon his head he has a thing like a broad eminence (a big lump), called [chimu] (尺木). If a dragon has no [chimu], he cannot ascend to the sky.”

29. Can shenron be killed?

Yes, he can be killed. In fact, the great demon king Piccolo killed Shenron in the fifth arc after he was granted his youth back. Even with all of his seemingly endless magical power, Shenron is still a creature that can be harmed and killed. That being said, in the hand of the Kami-sama, giving life back to a dead Shenron is a trivial matter. So as long as Kami-sama is alive, then all is well. If he’s dead, however, then simply look for a new one. 

30. Why is the four star dragon ball so important?

The four-star dragon ball is important for two reasons. First it is the first Dragon Ball that appears in the series, right in the very first chapter. Second, the four-star dragon ball is a memento of Goku’s late grandfather. The man himself accidentally found it without knowing what it was. But when he died, that’s the only thing that left out of all of his belongings. That’s why the four-star dragon ball has a sentimental value to Goku.

About friends and allies

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31. Is Piccolo good or bad?

When he was just a demon king Piccolo, he was an evil bastard. In his next incarnation as Piccolo Jr, he was still bad and wanted nothing else but to kill Goku. Over the course of the story, however, he mellowed out a bit. 

There are several things that finally turn him into the good guy that he currently is. First is when he started to train Gohan. He did it out of necessity, but along the way, he grows somewhat attached to the boy. 

The second time is when he assimilated with Nail in planet Namek. Nail is a Namek warrior who cares deeply about his people. This righteousness spills over to Piccolo when they assimilate. 

Finally is the time he assimilates with Kami-Sama. Since he cast away his evil part that turned into Piccolo, Kami-Sama became the embodiment of goodness. And even more so than Nail, he cares deeply about every life on earth. Assimilating with Kami-Sama fills Piccolo with the same emotions. 

32. Are Piccolo and Nail still fused?

Yes, they are still fused. As Nail said, once they assimilate, they will be as one forever. It is a one-time deal. On the other hand, a Namekian can split himself and join again later on. Just like what the Kami-Sama did before, which gave birth to Piccolo. 

33. Why did Kami die when Piccolo died?

When he arrived on earth from planet Namek, Piccolo was alone. As the years go by, he strives to acquire strength to stand up for himself. That is until he finally reaches the summit of power on earth, the God of earth. 

He was offered by the previous God to take the mantle of Godhood. Knowing that he still has evil within him, he splits himself and throws out all the bad things from within. As a result, he becomes a pure being worthy to be a God.

Unfortunately, the evil that he cast away also becomes a living being, the demon king Piccolo. Since Piccolo and Kami-sama used to be a single entity, the death of one will also mean the death of the other. On the other hand, when one is revived, the other would also come back to life.

34. Is Piccolo the last namekian?

Hardly. Before Frieza comes along, there are roughly one hundred Namekian left on planet Namek. Frieza strikes down that number quite a lot but Shenron revives most of them, so the numbers should still be near one hundred. 

By the time Majin Buu arc comes along, their numbers have grown even further. So no, Piccolo is not the last Namekian. There was a time when he was the only Namekian on Earth, but with Dende now living on earth as a God, that is no longer the case.

35. Can Goku beat Mr Popo?

Yes, of course he can. And actually, he had defeated Mr. Popo. One of the requirements for Goku to be taught by Kami-sama was he has to go through Mr. Popo first. So the fact that he was trained by Kami-sama and even became stronger than him in his teens proves that he has indeed beaten Mr. Popo. 

And not only him, I believe every member of team Dragon has defeated Mr. Popo. But the strength of Mr.Popo lies beyond mere strength. For example, the guy can teleport freely way before Goku can do that. And unlike Goku, he doesn’t need a chi to teleport, he simply does it. That’s quite a useful skill, don’t you think?

36. Who is Krilin to goku?

Krilin is one of Goku’s oldest friend and they also train together under Master Roshi when they were a boy. Krilin is one of the few people who knew and grew together with Goku. Which is why Goku was enraged when Frieza killed Krilin, which became the trigger to awaken the super saiyan state. 

37. Why does Krilin has dots on his head?

The same question has been asked by a Japanese fan during the serialization of the series. You can read all the questions at the end of Viz’s regular version of Dragon Ball volume 2. 

In the story, Krilin is a runaway monk from the Orin temple. Apparently, those six dots are incense burns. You’d see these marks sometimes on Chinese monks in the movies. 

Since Akira Toriyama thought that Krilin’s face is a bit plain, he decided to add those marks to make him stand out a little.  

38. Why does master Roshi immortal?

Master Roshi has drunk the elixir of immortality. There’s little to no detail about when or where he comes across this magical liquid or why he decided to drink it. But the information regarding his immortality has been disclosed as early as the second volume of the first arc. By the way, the one who said it was his turtle.

39. Is master Roshi stronger than Krilin?

There was a time when Master Roshi was stronger than Krilin. But that period didn’t last long. Although Krilin didn’t progress as quickly as Goku, he did surpass master Roshi quite early on in the series. 

Not many people realize this because people usually only focus on Goku, but Krilin is definitely one of, if not the strongest earthlings. Goku and Vegeta are aliens and their descendants are half aliens, so no wonder they are so strong. But for pure blooded earthlings, Krilin is obviously in the top three. 

About the villains

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40. Are 17 and 18 still androids?

Sort of. Android 17 and 18 was a human that was modified on a cellular level. The method of those modifications is never mentioned in the series, but the fact that 18 could still bear a child means they are indeed still human. Yet the fact doesn’t change that the enhancement is still there, so technically yes, they are also still androids. 

41. Who killed Android 18?

Android 18 never actually died in the main Dragon Ball timeline. The worst thing she ever gets is getting swallowed by Cell along with Android 17. On the future timeline, on the other hand, both android 17 and 18 are thoroughly destroyed by Trunks who just got back from the past.

42. Why did 17 and 18 kill Gero?

First of all, both of them don’t really like being controlled by others, even if Dr. Gero is their own creator. Second of all, Dr. Gero has the kill switch that could detonate the bomb in their body. So in a way, they were being blackmailed by somebody who was weaker than them. And that’s why they decided to decimate the old guy.

43. How did Android 18 and Krillin get together?

It all began when Android 18 gave him a good-bye kiss when they first met. Krilin developed an instant crush to Android 18. The next moment is when Krilin asks Shenron to remove the bomb from the android’s body, which kinda makes 18 appreciate him a little. The manga never explicitly tells us how they end up with each other, but when we see them again ten years after the Cell arc, they’ve already become a married couple with a daughter.

44. Is 17 stronger than Gohan?

At the time when android 17 first met Gohan, which is at the beginning of the Cell arc, he was stronger than Gohan. As a matter of fact, the androids are stronger than everybody at this point. But by the end of the arc, Gohan proves himself to be the strongest being on earth by single handedly defeating Cell.

45. Why didn’t they use dragon balls on Cell?

They can’t. The dragon can only do things that are still within the capability of its creator, the Kami-sama. Shenron can’t even do a thing against the saiyan because Kami-sama is no match against them. So, it’s no wonder it can’t do a thing against Cell who was the strongest being on earth at the time.

46. Which dragon ball is Cell in?

Cell is the main villain of the Cell arc, which begins in Dragon Ball Z volume 12, chapter 136 and lasts until volume 19, chapter 226. Cell himself physically appears first in Dragon Ball Z volume 14, chapter 167. You can read about all the dragon ball story arcs in this article. 

47. Is Frieza good or bad?

Frieza is most definitely bad. There’s no question about it. He’s willing to massacre an entire Namekian village, killing children, old men, and unarmed civilians just to find dragon balls. That being said, he is quite reasonable with his underlings. He even uses a rather polite manner of speech to them. But he would still kill them if he no longer had any use for them.

48. Does Frieza kill Goku?

Nope, he doesn’t kill Goku. But he does honestly try to. Even after Goku thoroughly defeats him at the end of the Frieza arc, he still tries to blow up the planet Namek as a last attempt to kill Goku. However, he did kill Vegeta which marks the first time Vegeta died in the series.

49. Why is Majin Buu fat?

Because he absorbed the fat great lord of lords. Kaio-shin explained that the original Buu is the kid Buu. He absorbed the bulky God of the south and became the burly Buu. Then he absorbed the chubby great lord of lords and became the fat Buu.

50. Is Majin Buu immortal?

He is. There’s no official mention of it in the original series, but since he has a pretty much indestructible body and he doesn’t really need to eat unless he wants to. Left to his own devices, he would live forever. But, just like everything in Dragon Ball, his power, including his regenerative ability, depends highly on his chi level. 

That’s why one of the two ways to kill him is to exhaust his monstrous chi level until he could no longer regenerate. Incidentally, the second approach is to destroy him completely, up to the molecular level. Which is what Goku did with the Genki dama.

Okay, that’s it. We’re finally done. Damn, that’s a lot of words. I’m glad I decided to split these questions into two parts. Otherwise, nobody would ever read this wall of texts. 

Hope this article will answer some of your burning questions on Dragon Ball. If you still have questions that I haven’t answered yet, feel free to talk about it in the comment section below. 

You can click here to read about my previous article on Dragon Ball Story Arcs in chronological order. Up next: Dragon Ball’s buying guide.

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