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What Made Demon Slayer So Popular and 20 Other Questions On Demon Slayer

There are lots of questions on the internet about Demon Slayer. As someone who has read all 23 volumes of Demon Slayer in one sitting and written 2000+ words about it, I believe I am qualified to answer some of those questions.

Below are twenty of the most frequently asked questions regarding Demon Slayers. You can click the questions to jump directly to the answers. By the way, spoilers alert!

About Demon Slayer

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1. What made Demon Slayer so popular?

As a new flagship series of Shonen Jump, Demon Slayer is already quite popular in Japan. But what catapulted it to its current stardom is the 2019 anime series. It was, and still is, famous for its stellar animation. The fact that it is readily available in the streaming websites like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and even Netflix certainly contribute a lot to its accessibility. Which makes it even more popular. 

2. Is Demon Slayer good for beginners?

Yes, absolutely. Demon Slayer is perfect for new manga readers. It has a great premise, fast-paced story, amazing action sequences, and with around 23 volumes, it’s not that long. Demon Slayer is one of the best examples of the shounen manga done right. So if you haven’t read manga before in your life, and you like a simple action-adventure story, then Demon Slayer is the one for you.

3. Is Demon Slayer scary?

No, I don’t think so. Sure, it does have lots of demons in it, and some of them do look quite spooky, but I won’t go as far as calling it scary. I mean, if you compare it to the spine-chilling art in any of Junji Ito’s books or the blood-curdling monsters in Berserk, then the stuff in Demon Slayer is honestly a child’s play.

4. Is there romance in Demon Slayer?

Not really. Demon Slayer is a very fast-paced story with a clear goal that was set in the very beginning. It does slow down from time to time, but for the most part, the main characters move at a blazing speed to move the story forwards. There’s simply no time for romance. There are subtle cues here and there, but none of them could really qualify as a proper romance. 

5. How do you become a demon slayer?

In the world of Demon Slayer, if you want to join the Demon Slayer corps, you have to learn a sword breathing technique and enter the exam called the “Final Selection”. The objective of these exams is to survive and kill some demons in a forest filled to the brim with demons for a set amount of time. 

If you managed to do that, you would be an official member of the demon slayer corps and assigned to the lowest rank called Mizunoto. You will be provided with a Nichirin Sword, a set of uniforms that boost your defense, and a crow to relay stuff related to the missions and other information for you.

About Muzan Kibutsuji

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6. How did Muzan die?

Muzan died because of the accumulated damages on his body. The combination of constant fatal attacks by the Hashiras, the deadly poison from Tamayo, the deep scars left hundreds of years ago by the legendary Yoriichi, the sun breathing sword techniques by Tanjirou, and finally the blazing sunrise. It took all of that to slaughter Muzan.

7. Why does Muzan want Tanjiro dead?

There are a couple of reasons. The first one is because of Tanjirou’s earrings. It is the same earring that was worn by Yoriichi, a demon slayer who almost killed Muzan hundreds of years ago. In other words, he wanted to kill Tanjirou because of his past trauma. 

The second reason is because Tanjirou manages to use the sun breathing sword technique, similar to Yoriichi. The third reason is because Nezuko could walk under the sunlight, so he wants to take Nezuko away from Tanjirou. And finally, because Tanjirou keeps getting in his way, which pisses him off. 

8. Are Muzan and Ubuyashiki related?

Yes, Muzan and Ubuyashiki are indeed related. In Volume 16, chapter 137, the head of the Ubuyashiki family explains that Muzan and the clan share the same bloodline. And because one of their bloodlines turned into a man-eating demon, their descendants are cursed until they can finally vanquish the demon. 

The male of the Ubuyashiki clan is cursed with a deadly illness that would affect them as soon as they reached adulthood. And they will die before they reach the age of 30. Interestingly, Muzan wasn’t aware of this fact.  

9. Who turned Muzan into a demon?

In volume 15, chapter 127, it was revealed that Muzan was turned into a demon by a “Generous doctor” in the Heian period (between the years 794 to 1185). Muzan was stricken with a deadly disease then and the doctor gave him medicine that would strengthen his body without knowing that it would turn him into a man-eating demon. 

10. Why is Muzan scared of Tanjiro’s earrings? 

Because it reminded him of a very traumatic past. Tanjirou uses the same earrings as Yoriichi, the man who managed to beat Muzan to within an inch of his life. It was honestly a miracle he could survive such a one-sided onslaught. 

So, seeing those earrings again brought back all of those terrifying memories to his head. He also assumed that the earrings mean Tanjirou possesses the same sun breathing technique as Yoriichi. Which means another person who could potentially kill him has finally arrived. And that is bad news to him.

11. Why didn’t Yoriichi kill Muzan?

Because of a moment of hesitation. According to the flashback in Volume 21, chapter 187, Yoriichi accidentally encountered Muzan and Tomoyo one day and instinctively knew he had to kill him. 

But just moments before Yoriichi delivered the finishing blow, he stopped for a moment and asked Muzan, “What do you think lives are?” And glanced towards the smiling Tamayo. 

Unfortunately, those brief moments were enough for Muzan to blow himself up to thousands of pieces and escape. 

About the main protagonists

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12. Will Tanjiro become a Hashira?

No, because the demon slayer corps was disbanded shortly after they defeated Muzan. Skill-wise though, he is already on the same level of a Hashira. In fact, several Hashiras, such as Uzui and Tomioka, already acknowledge Tanjiou’s ability as someone worthy of the title of Hashira. But since the organization no longer exists, he won’t get the chance to be one. 

13. Can Nezuko talk?

Since she became a Demon, Nezuko could only hum and growl. That is until volume 15, chapter 126, where she finally manages to say, “Morning.” Incidentally, that is also the time when she somehow managed to walk in the daylight. Ever since then, she no longer needs to hide in the box during the day and she could also say simple words. She stays in that state until the last arc. 

14. Why does Inosuke wear a boar mask?

Because for most of his childhood, he was raised by a boar who just lost its child. So as a way to imitate his foster mom, he began to use a boar mask. Later on, when the boar died, it is said that he used her head to create a new mask and modified the eyes so he can easily see through it. It is a way for him to remember the boar and to always be with her. 

15. Is Inosuke a girl or a boy?

As you can see from his abs and the rest of his muscular body, Inosuke is most definitely a boy. But he does have quite a feminine face. Big eyes, long eye lashes, slender face, you know, the usual characteristic of the face of a beautiful girl. But he didn’t seem to mind or even aware of such contrast between his body and his face. Zenitsu made a big fuss about it though.

16. Will Zenitsu marry Nezuko?

The main series ended without mentioning anything about marriage, but it did insinuate a close relationship between them both. On the other hand, the epilogue that takes place hundreds of years later clearly shows the descendants of Zenitsu and Nezuko. Along with the descendents of Tanjirou and Kanao, and Inosuke and Aoi. Which means they did end up getting married. 

Other popular questions

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17. Who is the strongest Hashira?

The strongest Hashira among the current generation of demon slayers is the stone Hashira, Himejima Gyomei. And he is the unofficial leader of the Hashiras. When he speaks, the usually rowdy Hashiras would get quiet and listen to him.

As for the strongest ever Hashira in history, the title goes without a doubt to the user of the first breathing technique, the sun breathing swordsman, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. 

He teaches other demon slayers to use the breathing technique. Not only that, he also managed to single-handedly beat the living shit out of Muzan without breaking a sweat. So yeah, pretty badass. 

18. Why can’t Shinobu kill demons?

She can kill demons. What she can’t do is decapitate them. Her small body doesn’t have the power to cut the demon’s head in one slice. But Shinobu compensates for her lack of muscle with deadly poisons that would cause the demon’s body to disintegrate within seconds. He slaughtered hundreds of demons that way.

19. Who killed the sound pillar?

Nobody. The sound pillar, Tengen Uzui, is still alive and well with three beautiful wives by his side. Their battle with the upper rank six demons cost him both his left arm and left eye. Which forced him to retire as a demon slayer. But he still gladly helped out during the Hashira training. 

20. Who killed Doma?

Just like most boss-level demons in Demon Slayer series, the death of Doma is due to the combined effort of multiple people. Particularly the insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho, her successor Kanao Tsuyuri, and the wild boar Inosuke Hashibira. The death, and the overall fight, between Doma and the three of them is actually a foreshadow to the final fight between the demon slayers against Muzan Kibutsuji. 

Ideally, this article is intended for those of you who have finished reading the entire Demon Slayer series but still have some things that you feel unclear about. 

But if you’re currently in the middle of reading it and simply feel curious about something, then try to only read the relevant answers to your query. Otherwise, you’ll be exposed to heavy spoilers. 

And for those of you who are brave enough to read it despite having not read a single chapter of Demon Slayer before, then I hope these questions and answers would interest you to try and get into the Demon Slayer. I promise you won’t regret reading this amazing series. 

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