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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Every Manga Readers

So you know someone who reads manga a lot and you want to give them something special. But the problem is you don’t know much about manga. So what sort of gift should you get for them?

To be honest, the worst thing that you could give them is something that they already own. Other than that, you can pretty much give them anything you want. 

But if you truly want to brighten up their day, this list of ideas could nudge you in the right direction. I’ll arrange this list from the hardest one to get right to something that doesn’t require any thinking from your part.

1. New short manga series

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As promised, this is the hardest one in this list. Giving a new series that they never read before is a high risk high return strategy. And by giving them short series instead of a long one, you basically present a whole complete series for them to consume in a day.

To pull it off, you need to know what kind of manga that they like, find a title that feels similar to it, and make sure they don’t have that title in their collection. If it seems like a daunting task, that’s because it is. But no worries, I have lots of short manga recommendations that you can choose from. 

2. Manga Box sets

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Every manga reader loves brand new, shiny box sets. Some might even prefer the box sets over the regular ones that they already have in their collection. And since there’s not that many series that have a box set version, you don’t have to shift through so many options.

Of course, it is always better if you could give them something that they always wanted. But if you’re still not sure what to give, Akira 3th Anniversary Box Set or Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind Box Set is always a good choice. I have more recommendations if you want to know what’s on the menu.

3. Hardcover manga

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One step below a good Box Sets are the hardcover manga. You could say that this is sort of the deluxe version of a manga series. 

Just like with the Box sets, most people are willing to trade their old ones to the hardcover versions of the same title. And there’s also not that many hardcover manga out there, so you can easily narrow down your options. 

Most of these hardcovers are usually an omnibus version that collects several volumes in one big book. So you could easily find a complete series in just one or two books. 

4. Manga Artbooks

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This one is more like a novelty item rather than a must-have. But I believe most manga readers would love to have one of these. But the key is in the author. If you could give an artbook from their favorite author, they would be freaking out. 

That being said, not many authors published an artbook. And the number being published in English is even fewer. If you’re interested in giving an artbook, then your best bet would be the one by Junji Ito. Check out this article for more art book recommendations.

5. Character figures

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For this category, and several others after it, we would expand the scope to the realm of anime as well. Since most manga are adapted into anime, most manga readers also watch the anime version of the series that they like. 

And if the anime is somewhat famous, it’s highly likely that there’s gonna be figures of its main characters on sale. You could give them a cute nendoroid or a full figure and I’m sure they’re gonna like it. With these things, the price usually reflects the quality, so don’t cheap out. 

6. T-shirts and hoodies

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Just like with the previous category, t-shirts and hoodies are also usually available only to manga that have anime adaptations and achieve a decent amount of popularity. 

Since I believe everybody likes good graphic t-shirts and hoodies, all you need to do is simply find out what their favorite manga or anime titles are. Chances are, there’ll be a merch for that title. 

So the only thing that you need to figure out is their particular design taste. The options usually range between a loud, colorful, and somewhat tacky design and a monochromatic and minimalist design. So choose wisely.

7. Plushies and cushions 

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When it comes to merchandise from popular manga and anime, people seem to forget about plushies and cushions. Which is quite puzzling because they are both pleasing to look at and utterly functional. 

From a giant body pillow to small plushies, the options are endless. But once again, make sure to find one that is based on their favorite characters and has a good quality. 

8. Notebooks and mugs

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I believe everybody needs a coffee mug. You don’t even have to put a coffee inside. Tea, hot chocolate, syrup, whatever floats your boat. But the fact that you own a mug of your own that nobody else can touch is always a great feeling. 

Not to mention there are thousands of manga/anime mugs available out there, which makes it easy for you to find one with their favorite title or character. And if they love to write, add some notebooks on top of that. It is a relatively affordable yet still highly functional gift. 

9. Manga subscription

Manga websites mangamo mangadigest

There are various manga subscription services out there that allow you to read their entire catalog for a fixed monthly price. Sort of like Netflix for manga. 

So if they consume a huge amount of manga, giving them at least a one-year worth of subscription plan from any of these platforms is always a good idea. 

There are several sites that you can go to, but if you live in the US of A, then Comixology unlimited is a great option. But if you live in the other metric-using parts of the world, then Mangamo is the one for you. But feel free to find other options that might suit them better. 

10. Gift cards

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Let’s say you’re not even able to spare any brain cells for this whole gift thing. And yet you still want to give them something useful that could satisfy their manga craving. So what to do?

The answer is Amazon Gift Cards. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t know what to give, then you can simply give them the means to get the manga that they want. 

But be sure to give them at least the $100 gift cards. Don’t be cheap. After all, it’s supposed to be a gift, right? 

And there you have it folks. Hope this list could help you come up with the perfect gift for those in your life that are passionate about manga. As a manga enthusiast myself, I can proudly say that I’ll be happy if someone gives me any one of these things. 

There’s a way to give a thoughtful gift without having to spend hours researching or buying hundreds of dollars worth of products.

That’s why each option in this list requires a different amount of time and money on your part. So be sure to get something that could put a smile on their face while still fit within your budget and schedule.

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