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How did Makima die and 25 other questions on Chainsaw Man Season One

Behind all of the violence and crazy action sequences, lies subtleties and nuances that would be easily missed during your first read through. Which may leave you with some questions when you reach the last page.

As somebody who has read the whole series at least three times, I believe I could offer answers to some of your burning questions. This Q&A contains heavy spoilers, so please read it once you’ve finished reading the series. 

About Chainsaw Man

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1. What is the Chainsaw Man plot?

Chainsaw Man is about Denji, a 16 year old boy who hunts devils for a living with his best friend Pochita, a chainsaw devil that looks like a dog with a chainsaw coming out of its head. When Denji died, he made a contract with the chainsaw devil. In exchange for giving his life back, Pochita asked Denji to live his life to the fullest from then on.

He becomes a human/devil hybrid who can turn into a chainsaw man. He then joins the public devil hunter association and kills any rampaging devils while also trying to hunt the strongest devil of them all, the gun devil. You can read more about its plot both in my review of chainsaw man or on my extensive story arcs reviews.

2. Is Chainsaw Man a horror

Considering all of the violence, gore, blood, devils, and all other fucked up stuff inside its 11 volumes, yes, we can safely conclude that Chainsaw Man indeed belongs to the horror genre. That being said, Chainsaw Man is also a fun action-fantasy story with lots of insane fighting sequences. So it’s not a pure horror manga like the works of Junji Ito. 

3. Does Chainsaw Man have romance?

Kinda. There are several instances when the story kinda lean towards romance for a bit, but it never sticks to that storyline for long. I mean, one of Denji’s biggest despair is the fact that every woman that he knew has tried to kill him at some point. But there are several genuinely heartwarming moments in the series that would easily melt your cast iron heart. 

4. What happens at the end of Chainsaw Man?

Depends on when do you consider the end begins. Is it the last arc? the last volume? the last page? Let’s talk about the last chapter then. 

Power and Hayakawa are dead and Denji just killed Makima in the most creative and gruesome way possible. Denji felt like living in an abyss of never ending sadness and guilt. Thankfully, he ran into Kishibe one day and talked about his current state of mind. 

Kishibe told him that he needs to move on because there are things that only him, the Chainsaw Man, can do. And he also leave a little girl called Nayuta, the reincarnation of the control devil, on Denji’s care. On the last page, we saw Denji back on his usual crazy self, ready to take on a devil on rampage while wearing what appears to be a high school uniform.

5. Is Chainsaw Man discontinued?

No, Chainsaw Man was not discontinued. It simply finished the first season of the series. As to the reason why it stopped publication for a while, it is mainly because the publisher asked the creator of Chainsaw Man, Tatsuko Fujimoto-sensei, to move Chainsaw Man from the usual Shonen Jump magazine to their digital manga platform, Shonen Jump+, in order to attract people to the new platform. The second season is scheduled to premiere in 2021, but we don’t know the exact date of publication yet.

6. What will Chainsaw Man part 2 be about?

From various information that I could find online, we will still follow Denji’s adventure of slaughtering devils as the Chainsaw Man in the second season, but this time as a high schooler. The first season could be considered to be part of a greater arc called the “Public Safety Arc.” The second season will supposedly called the “School Arc.”

7. Is Chainsaw Man worth reading?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you may not be a fan of the genre, you should still give Chainsaw Man a try. It really brings a breath of fresh air to a demographic that’s been filled with nothing but cliches lately. Besides, with only eleven volumes, it is also quite a short series for a shonen manga standard. 

If you want to know more before deciding to jump into it, check out my Chainsaw Man story arcs review. You should get the sense of what Chainsaw Man is all about through that article. And I try to be mindful when writing it, so you won’t find any big spoilers there.

About the main character

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8. Can Denji die?

Yes, Denji can die. For human/devil hybrids like Denji, they will keep coming back to life no matter what happens to them. Even when all that’s left is just their head, as long as they get enough supply of blood, they will regenerate.  

On the other hand, if you manage to fatally wound them, preferably when they are still in their human form, and prevent them from getting any blood, then they will die. Well, not really die, more like in a suspended state. 

One other way to kill them is by severing or nullifying the contract between the human and the devil. If you manage to do that, then they will lose the devil power and go back to being just a regular human being. Which is what Makima tried to do with Denji.

9. Does Denji kill the gun devil?

Yes, he does. Well, technically speaking, the one that he killed is the human/devil hybrid of the gun devil, kinda like Denji himself. The gun devil itself was heavily weakened by Makima and was forced to enter a human body and turned into a hybrid. 

Mind you, the gun devil is still insanely destructive even as a hybrid, so it is certainly not an easy target by any means. But still, Denji prevails and kills it despite having to sacrifice one of the most important things in his life.

10. Why did Denji kill his dad?

To defend himself. Denji’s father is an abusive alcoholic. He would beat Denji up whenever he got the chance. One time, he got beat up so bad that he instinctively grabbed anything he could find and swung it towards his dad. 

Accidentally, Denji hit his father’s head and killed him. But since he was just a child at the time, and in order to force him to bear his father’s debt, the adults told him that his father committed suicide.   

11. Why did Denji open the door?

Because Makima asked him to. The door is of course referring to the three doors that Denji opened that changed his life for the worse. The first one is when the Gun fiend knocks his front door. The second time is when Power knocks Makima’s door. 

And the third time is when Denji opens the door in his heart that sealed the memory of the time when he killed his father. Makima asked, or rather told him, to open each door. Which caused a tremendous despair for Denji.

12. Did Denji kill Power?

No, Denji didn’t kill Power. Power died twice in the series, and the killer in both instances is Makima. The first time around, she did it in order to break Denji’s heart and head. The second time, Makima killed her because Power tried to save Denji. Not only that, Power also sacrifices herself in order to revive Denji. In return, she asked Denji to look for her in hell.

About the allies

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13. Will Power come back to life?

We don’t know about that yet. The intention of bringing Power back to life is certainly there. Not only that, the way to do so has been clearly laid out in the Control devil Arc as well. I’m quite certain that we’d see Power again in the second season. But for now, all we can do is wait for the next part of Chainsaw Man to arrive. 

14. Is Power a girl Chainsaw Man?

Nope, Power is a Blood devil fiend, not a Chainsaw girl or a Chainsaw sidekick. In the world of Chainsaw Man, there are no two devils with the same name/ability. They are all unique. Kinda like the devil fruits in One Piece. However, Power is Denji’s partner when it comes to their job as a public safety devil hunter. As for their personal relationship, Power is kinda like Denji’s little sister while Hayakawa is like Denji’s older brother.

15. What color is Power’s hair?

The color is light pink. The official name is something along the lines of “Strawberry blonde”. There are actually several color pages in Chainsaw Man where you can clearly see her hair color. Such as in chapter 15 and chapter 29. You can also see Power and her strawberry hair in the cover of Chainsaw Man volume 2.

16. Does Himeno die in Chainsaw Man?

Yes, Himeno died protecting Hayakawa in the Katana Man arc, specifically in volume 3, chapter 25. They were up against both the Katana Man and a Snake devil user. Himeno is already heavily wounded to begin with, but when she sees Hayakawa is about to be killed by the Katana Man, she stands back up. 

She offered her whole body to the Ghost devil so that it would be willing to fight the Katana Man. The Ghost devil overpowered the Katana Man for a while as Himeno lost her limbs one by one. Unfortunately, the snake Devil appears and swallows the Ghost devil at the same time as Himeno vanishes from this world.

17. Does Kobeni die in Chainsaw Man? 

Nope, Kobeni is still alive and well. She is actually one of the only devil hunters that manage to stay alive amidst the whole bloody massacre that happened throughout the end of the Chainsaw Man series. Besides, despite her frail appearance and meek personality, she is actually quite a capable fighter in her own right.

18. Who is the strongest devil hunter in Chainsaw Man?

Prior to the International Assassination Arc, the strongest devil hunter in the world, by far, is a private devil hunter from China called Quanxi. She could cleanly decapitate hundreds of people in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, she died at the end of the International Assassination Arc.

After that, the one that takes the spotlight is Japan’s public devil hunter, and also Denji and Power’s master, a devil hunter called Kishibe. He has contracts with three dangerous devils and he was also Quanxi’s partner during his younger days. Even Makima called him the strongest devil hunter alive.

About the enemies

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19. Who is the strongest devil in Chainsaw Man?

In Chainsaw Man, the strength of a devil depends on how much fear the humankind put into the things that the devil represented. The bigger the fear, the stronger the devil will be. For example, lots of people are scared of a chainsaw and that’s what makes Chainsaw Devil really powerful. 

So in that sense, it goes without saying that the Gun devil or the Darkness devil will be extremely powerful, right? Well, when it comes to raw power, that statement is correct. Gun devils will crush most devils without  breaking a sweat.

That being said, some devils have other abilities besides their main physical power. For the Chainsaw devil, it is the ability to completely erase the existence of every devil that he consumes. Devils are immortal beings, but that one ability makes Chainsaw devil the only one that could truly kill a devil. And that is the reason why the Chainsaw devil is arguably the strongest devil of them all.

20. How was the gun devil defeated?

The way that the Gun devil is defeated is actually quite sinister. I could write an entire article dedicated to that particular storyline. So I’m simply gonna give a gross oversimplification in this answer. There are lots of nuances that will be lost, but at least this way I could present a quick answer to this question.

Long story short, when the Gun devil is finally manifested at the coast of Japan, Makima weakened it to the extent that it needs to turn into a fiend just to survive. And once the Gun devil is in that form, Denji kills it with his usual chainsaw barrage.

21. Why does the gun devil want Denji’s heart?

There are mainly three reasons why the Gun devil, and lots of other devils as well, tries to take Denji’s, or rather the Chainsaw Devil’s, heart. The first reason is because of anger/revenge. The Chainsaw devil has slaughtered lots of his kind in hell. And some of them hold this grudge even when they were reborn on earth. 

The second reason is to be stronger. Devils gain a power up whenever they consume a powerful devil. Which is why lots of devils swallow Gun devil’s fragments. They hope to gain tremendous strength by eating the Chainsaw Devil’s heart.

The third and final reason is due to fear of death. Chainsaw Devil is the only one who could erase the existence of the otherwise immortal devils. With such unique ability, his presence alone is a terrible danger to the livelihood of every devil. In order to survive, they have to kill the Chainsaw devil.

22. Does Reze die in Chainsaw Man?

Yes, Reze died in Chainsaw Man. She actually died twice in the series. First, she was killed by Makima and Angel devil in the Bomb girl Arc. The second death is in the Control devil Arc. She was killed by the Chainsaw Devil there.

While the second death simply can’t be helped, the first one is totally preventable. And I am still mad over how she died there. She is arguably one of the strongest opponents in the series and his battle with Denji is simply one of the best action sequences in the series. But she died due to a surprise attack and a moment of hesitation. What a heartbreaking moment!

23. Does Reze like Denji?

Yep, I’m sure Reze really does like Denji. Initially, she approaches Denji because of her mission, which is to get Denji’s heart. I mean she literally wanted to carve out his heart and took it to her boss. But as they spend more time together, Reze finds herself starting to open up to Denji and kinda accepts him. 

The proof of this is in the very last chapter of the Bomb girl Arc. Reze lost her life in order to fulfill her promise to Denji. I don’t think you can interpret it in any other way except the fact that she does like him.

24. Is Makima a villain?

Yes, she is a villain indeed. And you know what, I believe she is one of the most evil villains that ever grace the world of manga. She is cunning, sweet, ruthless, clever, beautiful, sadistic, merciless and also very powerful. And one other thing, she is also a very patient devil.

She doesn’t mind playing the long and arduous game if it means she could get what she wanted at the end. But the thing is, the motive behind her actions, the bigger picture if you will, kinda makes sense. It’s fucked up, but I get where she’s coming from. You know, sort of like Thanos.

25. How did Makima die in Chainsaw Man?

Before I answer that question, let me briefly tell you about the insane ability of Makima, the Control devil. First of all, due to her contract with the prime minister of Japan, any physical wound that she suffers would be transferred as a disease or accident to some random Japanese citizen. Which means physical attacks won’t work on her. 

Second of all, as her name suggests, she has the ability to control anything that she deems to be lesser than herself. It doesn’t even have to be true. As long as she believes that she is superior to her target, then she will be able to control anything and anyone. 

So how, you might ask, does Denji manage to kill such an insanely strong opponent? Well, he did it by taking advantage of one of Makima’s only weaknesses, her overconfidence in her abilities. So basically Denji pushed the Chainsaw Devil out of himself, which created some sort of clone of him, and had it fight Makima. 

The clone loses, but it gives enough opening to the human Denji to slash the distracted Makima with a Chainsaw imbued with Power’s blood. The blood hinders Makima’s ability to regenerate. The effect won’t take long, but it’s enough for Denji to slice her up into tiny pieces. He then eats every little one of those pieces. That way, Makima won’t be able to revive ever again. 

And there you have it folks. I hope I could satisfy some of your curiosities regarding the Chainsaw Man through these answers. I tried to keep it short and simple, but I still ended up with a 3000+ words tome. Sigh…

Anyway, Tatsuki Fujimoto-sensei does masterful storytelling in this first part of Chainsaw Man. I hope this Q&A could give you a newfound appreciation for what he managed to do with this short series. 

I am certainly looking forward to the next part of Chainsaw Man or any other new work by Fujimoto-sensei. And I hope you do too.

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