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A Comprehensive List Of One Piece’s Sagas And Story Arcs

In most Shounen manga, the overarching story can be divided into several Story Arcs. For example, the entire Dragon Ball story is separated into 10 story arcs, while new manga like Demon Slayer has 12 story arcs.

Those ten story arcs in Dragon Ball are spread around 42 volumes, while the 12 in Demon Slayer are packed inside 23 volumes. This is basically the case with most manga from that generation. They really take their time to tell the story. Unlike most manga from the new generation that prefers a compact and direct storytelling style that requires less amount of pages.

So as you can expect, with more than 100 volumes worth of content under its belt, One Piece is like Dragon Ball on steroids. There are so many story arcs in One Piece that it needs to be arranged into different Sagas. Even those Sagas can be further separated into two different parts.

As you might’ve noticed, here at MangaDigest, I like to review Story Arcs and rank them based on what I think is the best to the worst. So to make it easier for me to do that with One Piece, let’s take a look at a brief overview of all of these arcs, shall we?

By the way, shout out to One Piece Fandom for compiling this list. I merely put my own commentary over their findings.

Part I: Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga

One Piece Part 1 Mangadigest

Chapter 1-597 | Volume 1-61

The first part of One Piece starts at the very first chapter of the first volume, and goes all the way until chapter 597 in volume 61. In terms of the story, this first part starts with the introduction of Luffy as a character, and ends just before the time skip after the Marineford Arc.

1. East Blue Saga

One piece east blue saga mangadigest

Chapter 1-100 | Volume 1-12

East Blue Saga tells the story of the formation of the Straw Hat pirates. Here we’ll see Luffy meet the other core members of the Straw Hats, namely Zoro, Nami, Sanji, and Usopp. The biggest enemy in this saga is the fishman Arlong.

1. Romance Dawn Arc

One Piece Romance Dawn Mangadigest
  • Chapter 1-7 | Volume 1
  • A fateful encounter with Zoro.

2. Orange Town Arc

One Piece Orange Town Mangadigest
  • Chapter 8-21 | Volume 1-3
  • Meeting with Nami the cat burglar.

3. Syrup Village Arc

One Piece Syrup village mangadigest
  • Chapter 22-41 | Volume 3-5
  • Meeting the long nosed Usopp.

4. Baratie Arc

One Piece Baratie Mangadigest
  • Chapter 42-68 | Volume 5-8
  • Meeting with Black Leg Sanji.

5. Arlong Park Arc

One Piece Arlong Park Mangadigest
  • Chapter 69-95 | Volume 8-11
  • Arlong, theme park, and Nami’s revenge

6. Loguetown Arc

One Piece Loguetown Mangadigest
  • Chapter 96-100 | Volume 11-12
  • The white hunter and the crazy clown.

2. Arabasta Saga

One Piece Arabasta saga Mangadigest

Chapter 101-217 | Volume 12-24

Arabasta Saga sees the Straw Hat crew voyage across the foreign sea and encounter all kinds of people, places, and cultures that they have never seen before. The biggest milestones are Chopper and Robin joining the crew and Vivi becoming a temporary member of the Straw Hats. The biggest villain in this saga is Crocodile.

1. Reverse Mountain Arc

One Piece Reverse Mountain Mangadigest
  • Chapter 101-105 | Volume 12
  • The tragic story of the giant whale.

2. Whisky Peak Arc

One Piece Whisky Peak Mangadigest
  • Chapter 106-114 | Volume 12-13
  • The first island on the Grand Line.

3. Little Garden Arc

One Piece Little Garden Mangadigest
  • Chapter 115-129 | Volume 13-15
  • Prehistoric island with two warring giants.

4. Drum Island Arc

One Piece Drum Island Mangadigest
  • Chapter 130-154 | Volume 15-17
  • Meeting with Chopper.

5. Arabasta Arc

One Piece Arabasta mangadigest
  • Chapter 155-217 | Volume 17-24
  • Crocodile, Robin, and a nation ruled by an organized crime.

3. Sky Island Saga

One Piece Sky Island Saga Mangadigest

Chapter 218-302 | Volume 24-32

Compared to the other Sagas, Sky Island is actually quite a short trip for the Straw Hats. It is actually more like an arc, rather than a saga. The biggest milestone is the archeological find that they stumble upon in the Skypiea, while the main villain is Enel.

1. Jaya Arc

One Piece Jaya Mangadigest 1
  • Chapter 218-236 | Volume 24-25
  • The lawless island and the sorrowful legend.

2. Skypiea Arc

One Piece Skypiea Mangadigest 1
  • Chapter 237-302 | Volume 26-32
  • Enel, the golden bell, and the island above the clouds.

4. Water 7 Saga

One Piece Water 7 Saga Mangadigest

Chapter 303-441 | Volume 32-46

After a short but thrilling adventure in the Sky Island, now we are back to a proper saga with the Water 7. If I have to pick the biggest milestone, it will probably be a deeper knowledge regarding the Marines and the World Government, and Franky joins the crew. The main villain of this saga is the secret agents of CP9.

1. Long Ring Long Land Arc

One Piece Long Ring Long Land Mangadigest
  • Chapter 303-321 | Volume 32-34
  • The island of elongated animals and the slow-mo beam

2. Water 7 Arc

One Piece Water 7 Mangadigest
  • Chapter 322-374 | Volume 34-39
  • Broken ship and the devastating betrayal.

3. Enies Lobby Arc

One Piece Enies Lobby Mangadigest
  • Chapter 375-430 | Volume 39-44
  • Cipher Pol 9, the blank century, and declaring war against the world.

4. Post-Enies Lobby Arc

One Piece Post Enies Mangadigest
  • Chapter 431-441 | Volume 45-46
  • Franky and the Thousand Sunny.

5. Thriller Bark Saga

One Piece Thriller Bark Saga Mangadigest

Chapter 442-489 | Volume 46-50

Back to another short and sweet saga that is actually just a story arc. It may not be as grandeur as Sky Island, but it is still a rather fun adventure nonetheless. The biggest milestone here is Brook joining in as a new crew member, and the main villain is Gecko Moria.

Thriller Bark Arc

One Piece Thriller Bark Mangadigest
  • Chapter 442-489 | Volume 46-50
  • Moria, zombies, and Luffy as a giant warrior.

6. Summit War Saga

One Piece Summit War Saga Mangadigest

Chapter 490-597 | Volume 50-61

Though it may not be the longest saga in this first part, The Summit War is still the biggest saga in One Piece thus far. We get to see almost every facet of the world Government’s infrastructure here and their connection to the world’s nobles. The biggest milestone is a major spoiler, so I won’t say it here, but the main enemy is the Marine.

1. Sabaody Archipelago Arc

One Piece Sabaody Archipelago Mangadigest
  • Chapter 490-513 | Volume 50-53
  • Bubble Islands and the world’s nobles.

2. Amazon Lily Arc

One Piece Amazon Lily Mangadigest
  • Chapter 514-524 | Volume 53-54
  • The bewitching Pirate Empress and the Isle of Women.

3. Impel Down Arc

One Piece Impel Down Mangadigest
  • Chapter 525-549 | Volume 54-56
  • Suffering through different stages of hellish prison.

4. Marineford Arc

One Piece Marineford Mangadigest
  • Chapter 550-580 | Volume 56-59
  • The all-out war between Pirates and Marines.

5. Post-War Arc

One Piece Post war Mangadigest
  • Chapter 581-597 | Volume 59-61
  • The calm after the storm and the determination to get better.

Part II: The Final Sea: The New World Saga

One Piece Post Time Skip mangadigest

Chapter 598-Present | Volume 61-Present

Part 2 begins just after the time skip at the end of the Marineford. This part will focus on a part of the globe called “The New World”. The sagas in this part are generally more compact than the previous part. After all, the majority of the sagas here only have two individual story arcs. However, these story arcs are generally longer than the arcs in the first part. When I write this article, the second part of One Piece is still ongoing, so I’ll update it accordingly.

7. Fish-Man Saga

One Piece Fish Man Saga Mangadigest

Chapter 598-653 | Volume 61-66

The structure of this saga is actually quite similar to the Sky Island saga. The first arc is just a short visit to a certain place, and the story will take place mostly in the second arc. And similar to the Sky Island, the biggest milestone here is an archeological find as well. The main enemy is a group of fishmen outlaws led by Hody Jones.

1. Return to Sabaody Arc

One Piece Return to Sabaody Mangadigest
  • Chapter 598-602 | Volume 61
  • Reunion and resuming the adventure.

2. Fish-Man Island Arc

One Piece Fish Man Island Mangadigest
  • Chapter 603-653 | Volume 61-66
  • Hody, mermaids, and the island sitting at the sea floor.

8. Dressrosa Saga

One Piece Dressrosa Saga Mangadigest

Chapter 654-801 | Volume 66-80

If Fish-Man is like Sky Island, then Dressrosa saga is also highly similar to Arabasta saga. The overall structure of the arcs may differ a little bit, but the overall progression of the story is quite similar. The biggest milestone for this saga is the formation of a giant Pirate fleet. The main villain is Donquixote Doflamingo.

1. Punk Hazard Arc

One Piece Punk Hazard Mangadigest
  • Chapter 654-699 | Volume 66-70
  • The island of scorching flame and freezing blizzard.

2. Dressrosa Arc

One Piece Dressrosa Mangadigest
  • Chapter 700-801 | Volume 70-80
  • Doflamingo, tyranny, and battle royale at the colosseum.

9. Whole Cake Island Saga

One Piece Whole Cake Saga Mangadigest

Chapter 802-902 | Volume 80-90

Whole Cake Island saga marks the first time in this second part of One Piece that Luffy goes against a giant entity, which is one of the Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom pirates. But just like the previous sagas, there are still some traces of similarity between this one and the Water 7 sagas. The biggest milestones are Jinbei joining the Straw Hats and the archeological findings that shed some of the truth regarding the Blank Century. As you might’ve guessed already, the main enemy is Big Mom.

1. Zou Arc

One Piece Zou Mangadigest
  • Chapter 802-824 | Volume 80-82
  • The Beast Men and the Colossal elephant.

2. Whole Cake Arc

One Piece Whole Cake Island Mangadigest
  • Chapter 825-902 | Volume 82-90
  • Big Mom, sweets, and Sanji’s wedding.

10. Wano Country Saga

One Piece Wano Country Saga Mangadigest

Chapter 903-Present | Volume 90-Present

Wano Country Saga sees Luffy and his crew go against another Emperor of the Sea. This time around, the one who stands in their way is the Beast Pirates. Unlike the previous sagas, this one doesn’t really resemble any of the sagas from the first part of One Piece. The biggest milestone here is the Straw Hats’ alliance with Wano and other crucial archeological findings. The main enemy is the captain of the Beast Pirates himself, the Thousand Beast Kaidou.

1. Levely Arc

One Piece Levely Mangadigest
  • Chapter 903-908 | Volume 90
  • The meeting of the leaders of the world.

2. Wano Country Arc

One Piece Wano Country Mangadigest
  • Chapter 909- | Volume 90-
  • Kaidou, dinosaurs, and the land of the Samurai.

After The List

I only write a brief explanation over the Sagas and look at how long this article turns out to be. And the series is not even finished yet. I can’t imagine how long it would be if I decided to write the reviews of each story arc just like what I’ve done with other series.

Anyway, that is why I decided that it would be best if every sagas in One Piece get their own dedicated articles. This will be one of the biggest projects for this website, and I can’t wait to begin. So if you love One Piece, be sure to check out my reviews for every story arc and sagas in this colossal series.

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