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Chainsaw Man Season One Story Arcs Review In Chronological Order

As the title suggests, this is just the first season of Chainsaw Man. As I write this, the series is still ongoing. But we do have more or less a complete story. I mean, Fujimoto-sensei could decide to end the story right here and everything would still make perfect sense. 

The second season is essentially the sequel. Kinda like Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul: Re. So there will be another story arcs review once the second season is finished. Be sure to look out for that.

Anyway, there are eight story arcs in this series and most of them are rather short. After all, with a total of only 11 volumes, Chainsaw Man is a short manga. So if you don’t know whether to read Chainsaw Man or not, hopefully this article will help you decide to pick the series up.

  1. Intro Arc: Ch. 01-04| Vol. 01
  2. Bat Devil Arc: Ch. 05-12 | Vol. 01-02
  3. Eternity Devil Arc: Ch. 13-21 | Vol. 02-03
  4. Katana Man Arc: Ch. 22-39 | Vol. 03-05
  5. Bomb Girl Arc: Ch. 40-52 | Vol. 05-06
  6. International Assassins Arc: Ch. 53-70 | Vol. 07-08
  7. Gun Devil Arc: Ch. 71-79 | Vol. 09
  8. Control Devil Arc: Ch. 80-97 | Vol. 10-11

Spoilers Alert!

1. Intro Arc: Ch. 01-04 | Vol. 01

Chainsaw man story arcs 01 mangadigest

In a world filled with man-eating devils, Denji tries to make a living as a devil hunter with his devil pet called Pochita. One thing leads to another, Pochita merges with Denji and turns him into a hybrid human/devil with chainsaw coming out of his head and both of his arms. 

The setting itself is nothing new, and so is the concept of devil/human combo. You can easily find other manga with similar settings and concepts. But the one thing that makes Chainsaw Man shine is its characters.

Denji is someone who is both innocent and ruthless. His circumstances make him think in a different way compared to others. To him, the ultimate goal in life is simply to lead a normal life. And he won’t hesitate to kill in order to achieve that dream. 

And then there’s Makima, the chief of Tokyo’s devil hunter association. She is both kind and cruel. She is a beautiful woman who can be an angel in one moment and a devil in the next instance. 

For now, what attracts me the most to this series is the characters. And for the first arc, this is quite good. By using the clueless Denji as a gateway for the readers, Fujimoto-sensei could easily explain the concept of the story and explore the world with ease.

I’m certainly looking forward to more.  

2. Bat Devil Arc: Ch. 05-12 | Vol. 01-02

Chainsaw man story arcs 02 mangadigest

There’s a new character introduced in this chapter. Her name is Power, the blood devil. She is a happy-go-crazy devil with little to no common sense. She is an abrasive girl with a potty mouth and always acts like a brat. And I like her a lot. 

I’ve only been through twelve chapters so far and it’s been one hell of a ride. The main character himself is already so chaotic. And Power turns everything up to eleven. I freaking love it. 

In this arc, Denji fights a giant bat devil who kidnapped Power’s cat, and in return, he gets to squeeze Power’s boobs. I know, what the hell, right? That is one of the most bizarre premises I’ve ever come across. And I’m sure it would only get even more surreal from here. 

There are awesome action sequences, strange powers, human drama, some philosophical discussion, and dark comedy scatter throughout. I mean, what else can you ask?

Can’t wait to read more of it!

3. Eternity Devil Arc: Ch. 13-21 | Vol. 02-03

Chainsaw man story arcs 03 mangadigest

In this arc, Denji and co fights against a devil that could trap the group in an infinity space where time won’t flow. They could die either because they run out of food, or because they can’t hold on to their sanity. And the demand of the devil is also creating a deathly tension among them. 

This is a really nice change of pace to the series. The last two arcs are quite straightforward. They meet some devils and fight them head on. 

To be honest, I’m quite worried that we’re gonna be stuck with a repetitive cycle of fighting one devil to the next in every chapter without a clear objective. 

Turns out I was wrong. While this arc still focuses on fighting a devil, it does it in a unique way that sort of leans towards the thriller/mystery genre, rather than the usual straightforward action approach. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still enough fighting here to make you smile with excitement, especially towards the end. 

And I especially like the decision that Denji makes at the end. What a crazy bastard!

One other stand out thing about this arc is the introduction of what could possibly be the last boss. And thus creating a goal both to the series and to the main character as well. Although Denji’s motivation is still based on his carnal desire, which is hilarious, at least now we have things to look forward to.

Alright, on to the next arc!

4. Katana Man Arc: Ch. 22-39 | Vol. 03-05

Chainsaw man story arcs 04 mangadigest

This is one of the longest arcs in the series and there is a lot to unpack here. But let me start off by saying that this arc has one of the best beginnings in the series.  

A sudden bloodbath and assassination attempt that target the devil hunters. An appearance of other people that have similar abilities as Denji. And a display of Makima’s terrifying ability. I am so hyped up for this arc. 

Unfortunately this arc lost its steam as quickly as it gained it. There are much less interesting things going on in the middle part of the story. Not to mention it finally falls prey to the standard Shounen manga’s training arc. 

It’s not that I hate training arcs (well, actually I kinda do). If done properly, it could be quite enjoyable. But this one is simply useless and such a waste of precious pages. Why? Because they’re not even using the damn things that they’ve just learned for the final fights. I don’t even get what it is that they’re supposed to learn during those damn training sessions. How disappointing!

The rest of the middle part was quite alright. We get to learn some new things about the characters, explore the world a little bit, learn more about the concept behind the devil hunter’s job, and even have some emotional human drama. 

And the ending is also great. A climactic end that checks all the boxes that made Chainsaw Man such a wild ride. Honestly, if it wasn’t for that training part, it would’ve been a great arc. 

5. Bomb Girl Arc: Ch. 40-52 | Vol. 05-06

Chainsaw man story arcs 05 mangadigest

When I talk about checking the boxes that makes Chainsaw Man such a great series, well, this arc is the perfect example of that. 

It has a heartwarming and heartbreaking drama in it, it has a suspenseful mystery, it has some funny moments, it has a very cool character design, and of course, it has crazy action-sequences as well.

But all of it begins with a rather inconspicuous start. A meeting amidst a heavy rainfall. It moves slowly from there with each step becoming more and more heartwarming. But just when I thought I knew where the story was gonna go, Fujimoto-sensei pulled a surprised UNO-reverse card on me and took things to the other extreme.

What we end up with is one of the best battles in the entire series. The feral chainsaw man against the brutal yet methodical bomb devil. The way they fight and the way the bomb devil utilizes her power is really something incredible to behold. It’s almost inspiring even.

The antagonist this time around is so cunning and crafty to the point that even Denji himself started to learn to utilize his power in a better and more effective way. All in the midst of a very destructive battle. Take that, you useless training arc!

It also ends in a proper, albeit rather heart-breaking, way. Honestly, this is one of the best arcs so far.

6. International Assassins Arc: Ch. 53-70 | Vol. 07-08

Chainsaw man story arcs 06 mangadigest

As the result of the large-scale battle and destruction from the previous arc, the existence of the Chainsaw devil is now known throughout the world. Lots of nations deploys their finest assassins to kidnap, or at least to kill the Chainsaw Man.

This arc is sort of like the extended and more fleshed-out version of the Katana Man Arc. The difference being this one could constantly maintain the tension and excitement from start to finish. 

With this arc, now we know how other countries treat and utilize their devil hunters, the devils that they are contracted with, and their fiends. And for some reason, every devil seems to desire the Chainsaw’s heart. It looks like Fujimoto-sensei still has something up his sleeve. 

There are lots of quirky characters and strange devils who fight with unique powers here. And it goes without saying that all of the fighting sequences are brutal and cost lots of innocent lives. They literally have to go to hell and back in this arc.

But one of the things that make me happiest in this arc is the character developments. Every character that we know and love undergoes some sort of change. And there are also those who started to reveal who they truly are. Nothing is what it seems anymore.

But judging from the events that have happened up to now, we really do inching towards the climax. Can’t wait to see how everything’s gonna turn out.

7. Gun Devil Arc: Ch.71-79 | Vol. 09

Chainsaw man story arcs 07 mangadigest

This is one of the shortest arcs in the series but it is also one of the most important one. It runs with relatively slow pace throughout and there’s not much action going on until the last two chapters. 

So what makes this arc so important? Because this is all about the character development and the big revelation. This is the tipping point of everything that has happened thus far. 

The main characters have fully accepted each other’s company which causes a sense of happiness and concern at the same time. 

The one who always closes his heart has finally opened up to his companion. Those who only think about themselves have started to think and care about others. The one who always acts as a guardian turns out to be the mastermind. And what we think of as the greatest obstacle turns out to be just a tool to kill.

And it ends in one of the most heart-wrenching ways that I’ve ever read in a shounen manga. I thought I already figured out what Chainsaw Man is all about, I couldn’t be more wrong.

8. Control Devil Arc: Ch. 80-97 | Vol. 10-11

Chainsaw man story arcs 08 mangadigest

Holy shit, this series has one of the most evil characters that I’ve ever read in a manga. The way she does things in order to obtain what she wants is simply pure evil. That being said, just like Thanos, she has a legitimate motive behind her actions. It’s just that the nasty way she goes about it would make even Lucifer blush. 

We also finally get to know the truth about the Chainsaw man and the reason why other devils want to eat his heart. And now that I think about it, it’s kinda amazing how Fujimoto-sensei has set the whole thing up from the beginning and only revealed the big secret at the very last arc. 

As for the battle sequences, well, this is Chainsaw Man we talking about here. There’s a standard blend of madness, chaos, brutal, blood, gore, violence, and awesomeness that is always being kept from the beginning and all the way to the end. So it’s all good in this regard. 

On that note, the way Denji defeats the Control Devil is simply the perfect mix of gross and genius. I definitely did not see that coming. And here I thought I’d already gotten used to all the craziness of this series. 

In the end, everything turns out as it supposed to be. For the most part, the story has pretty much been resolved, the world building is done as needed, and the characters received the proper development. What splendid work!

I am honestly glad I decided to read this series. While I wouldn’t call this the greatest shounen manga ever made, it is definitely up there among the greats. It manages to offer a breath of fresh air to a demographic that has been filled with the clones of a clone for years. 

There’s a big “The End of The Public Safety Arc” sentence at the end of the last chapter. So I suppose Fujimoto-sensei consider this whole 11 volume as part of one great arc. Sort of like Bleach. Did you know that Bleach technically only consists of three massive arcs? Yeah, I think that’s what Fujimoto-sensei has in mind for Chainsaw Man.

Nevertheless, we will still chop it up into bite-size chunks, won’t we? After all, it is easier to digest that way. And we’re all about digesting manga here. So I am absolutely looking forward to the next season, part, arc, saga, or whatever label you want to put on it.

And as stated at the beginning, I hope this short 2000+ words article will spark your interest in picking up Chainsaw Man. And I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

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