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Beastars Story Arcs Ranked From Best To Worst

After reading through every arc in Beastars recently, I realized that not every arc is a masterpiece. Every single one of them is good and has various cool things going for them, but still, some are simply better than the rest. 

The things that I love the most about Beastars is the character development and worldbuilding with all the hilarity and mystery sprinkled on top. So this list will be based on those things. 

It goes without saying that the order of your list might be different than mine, and that is perfectly fine. If that’s the case, be sure to drop your story arcs ranking on the comment section down below. 

In the meantime, I need to justify my picks. Let’s go. 

1. Murder Incident Solution Arc: Ch. 50-99 | Vol.06-12

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This is the third arc in the series and the second longest one overall. And this is what I consider to be the peak Beastars. The premise and objective is set up right at the beginning, the world is opened up and explored, the characters interact and grow, and the comedy and mystery comes and goes at the perfect moments. 

The contrast between a carnivorous murderer and a crossdressing wolf is just the right amount of thrill and absurdity that I need in my life. This one story arc alone has managed to present such a deep level of character development and worldbuilding while still gripping tight to the objective at hand. I was blown away. 

2. Revenge of The Love Failure Arc: Ch. 124-196 | Vol. 14-22

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This arc presents one of the most sadistic yet realistic villains of all time. He will randomly kill others just because he feels like it, but when we delve deeper into his heart, we can’t help but understand why he turned out the way he does. 

It’s hard to make readers sympathize with the villain, but Itagaki-sensei manages to do just that. 

And as the last arc in the series, Revenge of The Love Failure Arc successfully blends all the great elements of the previous arcs and enhances it even further. The only reason it sits in the second position is because the story was dragging on for a while at the end. 

3. Meteor Festival Arc: Ch. 18-49 | Vol. 03-06

Beastars story arcs ranked 03 mangadigest

Meteor Festival Arc is our first chance to get the glimpse of the world outside of the Cherryton Academy. How the society works, their belief system, how the people interact, all of them are introduced and explored here. 

In other words, this is the first major expansion to the story. If you are at least somewhat interested in the first arc, then this one will make you glad because you decided to stick around. 

This is also the first time we see how Itagaki-sensei masterfully weaves multiple storylines while still adding new elements to the story and somehow everything is still packed tightly together. 

4. Interspecies Relations Arc: Ch. 100-123 | Vol. 12-14

Beastars story arcs ranked 04 mangadigest

Interspecies Relations Arc is what I like to call an interlude arc. Considering how this one is placed right between two of the most intense arc in the series (the Murder Incident Solution Arc and The Revenge of The Love Failure Arc), it is clear that this is the place where everybody supposed to take a breather for a while. 

We see even more interaction between the characters as they visit various interesting places together. These places may have nothing to do with the story, but goddamn it is so interesting. 

There are also several new characters that could offer us some new perspective into the socioeconomic world of Beastars. All of that also acts as a way to help the main characters mature to some extent. 

5. Drama Club Arc: Ch. 01-17 | Vol. 01-03

Beastars story arcs ranked 05 mangadigest

Although I put this arc in the last place, please don’t ever think that this is a bad arc. On the contrary, Drama Club Arc belongs among the best first arcs in the history of shounen manga. 

It introduced the world and the characters in a spectacular fashion while still leaving some tasty mystery to get us hooked into the story. 

But the thing is, this arc focuses heavily on the slice-of-life elements of the story, particularly in the school drama aspect of it. And the pace is also painfully slow. But then again, if you don’t like those sorts of things, just remember that it will only keep getting better from here. 

And those are my reasons behind this particular order. Honestly, there’s really nothing especially bad about Beastars. If you give it a shot, even the quirky characters and the familiar yet foreign world will quickly steal your attention. 

And that is pretty much what I hope to achieve with this article. To ignite that spark of interest within you. There are countless shounen manga out there, but the truly great ones are quite hard to come by. And Beastars is definitely one of those greats. 

So if you haven’t read Beastars yet, go ahead and read them, please! You won’t regret it. And if you have read it already, then I’m curious to know what your story arcs ranking looks like. Please share them in the comment section below. 

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