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9 Free Websites To Find Manga Recommendation

The thrill of discovering a new title, finding out that it is actually good, couldn’t peel your eyes from its pages, and then breathing a sigh of amazement when you finally reach the last page, those rare moments are something that would remind you why you love reading manga in the first place.

Unfortunately, such joyous feelings are pretty hard to come by. But just like every other kind of addict, we just can’t seem to stop ourselves from trying to find that next best thing anyway.

And these websites are what I personally use whenever I’m in the mood to look for a gem beneath a pile of shit. Hopefully it will also help you find your next great manga.

1. MyAnimelist

Manga website myanimelist mangadigest

Starting up with the most popular manga and anime database on the planet, MyAnimeList. But let’s ignore the database aspect of it and go straight to finding recommendations. There are several ways you can find manga recommendations here. 

The most obvious way is by going through their “Top Manga” list. It usually displays the 100 highest rated titles, but you can scroll down to see even more than that. 

You can also go to certain titles and browse the “Recommendation” section at the bottom of its page. It is users’ recommendation, so some will be great while others might not even make any sense. But it should point you to a new direction nonetheless. 

2. MangaUpdates

Manga websites mangaupdates mangadigest

Next up is my personal manga database, MangaUpdates. They also have several options when it comes to manga recommendations. The first one is simply called “Recommendation”. The amount of recommended titles in this section varies from just around ten or twenty to more than fifty titles. 

There’s also something called “Category Recommendation”. This one is smaller in number, but what they recommend are usually just the most popular titles out of that particular category. 

And then comes one of their coolest parts, recommendation based on “Series from similar genres”. Every title usually has a mix of genres in its story and this feature allows you to look for titles with a specific mix of genres. 

But do keep in mind that the amount of recommendation that you’d get will vary wildly from one title to the next. 

3. Kitsu

Manga website kitsu mangadigest

Still in the field of manga databases, next on the list is Kitsu. Other than the database aspect of it, Kitsu also geared heavily towards building a community of like-minded people. 

You can find manga recommendations through their “Browse Manga” option. There you’ll find different categories such as “Highest Rating”, “Most Popular”, etc. You can expand each category to find more title recommendations. 

But where Kitsu shine the most is on their advanced-search algorithm. There are numerous things that you can adjust and filter there. Boxes to check and sliders to slide. 

You can find the “Advanced Search” options as the first link on their “Browse Manga” page. But if you somehow have a hard time finding it, then just click here.

4. Anilist

Manga website anilist mangadigest

In many ways, Anilist is very similar to Kitsu. The looks, the way they display the information, the kind of information that they presented, etc. 

And just like Kitsu, you can also find recommendations from their “Browse” section. Just remember to select “Manga” on the dropdown menu first. There’s a “Trending” list, “Highest Rating”, “Most Popular”, etc. 

But what attracts me the most is their custom recommendation. If you go to the official page of any title, scroll all the way to near the bottom of the page, you’ll find a “Recommendation” section there. 

There will be some 30+ manga recommended for any given title. And I gotta say, some of their selections are quite spot on. 

5. Anime-Planet

Manga website animeplanet mangadigest

Anime-Planet is a mix of a lot of things. It is a manga/anime database, forums, and even a streaming service at the same time. But I personally think they fell somewhat short of doing any of what they set out to do.

Anyway, back to the recommendation. Just like other websites on this list, there are things like “Recently Added Manga”, “Most Popular”, etc. You can sign up for more personalized recommendations. 

Another similar feature to the previous entries is the title recommendation. On the official page of every manga title is a “Recommendation” tab. You’ll find quite a lot of titles there along with several user’s commentaries as to why both titles feel similar to one another. 

6. Reddit

Manga websites reddit mangadigest

And now we finally enter the realm of forums. And what better way to start than with the largest forum on the internet, Reddit. You can basically find anything that you need to know about Manga on Reddit. 

From some basic guides, general information, discussion on specific titles, talks about the arts, and even sharing some tips on collecting manga. 

And if you couldn’t find what you need in there, you can simply start a thread of your own. You can ask about manga on specific topics, manga of a certain length, or even advice on choosing the best version of certain manga.

7. Quora

Manga website quora mangadigest

Quora is a website that focuses on asking and answering questions. Sort of like a forum with an extra step. The main difference between Quora and Reddit is the answers itself. 

On Reddit, just like any other forums, you’ll get answers ranging from just a few words to one or two paragraphs at most. On Quora, however, people would structure their answers like a damn article, complete with Subheadings, pictures, and even links. 

More often than not, you’ll find that somebody else has asked what you want to know and there will be tons of answers and recommendations there. And just like Reddit, you can always ask new questions if you want.

8. BookWalker

Manga website bookwalker mangadigest

BookWalker is a marketplace for digital manga and light novels. Sort of like Comixology but exclusive to manga. This is the official ebook store for the Japanese company called Kadokawa. From stand-alone titles to simultaneous chapter release, you can find them all in BookWalker. 

In terms of recommendations, BookWalker will show you some upcoming titles, newly released manga, monthly manga ranking, and even award-winning manga titles. BookWalker is the perfect place to find recommendations on manga that people actually buy. 

9. Manga Digest

Manga websites digest mangadigest

Time for some shameless plug. One of the central components of this website that you’re currently parked your attention on is manga recommendation. And there are several types of recommendations that you’d find here. 

On every piece of review on Manga Digest, you will find three recommended manga that I think would serve as a great continuation to the one that you just read, such as on this review of Demon Slayer. 

And if I think certain titles deserve to be explored even more, there will be a dedicated article that would expand those three titles into ten, such as this list on Akira.

Finally, there is the thematic manga recommendation. Some titles that I think you should check out based on certain topics or criteria, such as this list on one-volume seinen manga. 

Finding manga recommendations could be a very arduous and time consuming thing to do. Because you might need to shift through one hundred trashes just to find one gem. 

But you know what, I believe it is still a very worthy endeavor to take despite all of its hassle. Because that one out of a hundred manga will permanently sit in the library of your head as one of the greatest manga of all time. 

So to all of you manga readers out there, happy treasure hunting!

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