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7 Websites Every Manga Readers Need To Know And Use

As an avid manga reader, there are several websites that I regularly use in order to help streamline my manga addiction. 

I need it to read the latest Manga news, find new stuff to read, find out more about a certain title, and lots of other manga-related stuff.

These websites are something that I can’t live without. If you love reading manga, then I believe you should know and use these websites as well.

1. Manga Updates (Manga Database)

Manga websites mangaupdates mangadigest

The first website that you need to know is a manga database called MangaUpdates. To be fair, there are lots of other manga databases on the net, such as the ever popular MyAnimeList, the fancy, and many more.

But what sets MangaUpdates apart is because this website is solely dedicated to manga. They also have some of the most extensive information that you need to know about a manga. 

Sure, the user interface looks like something from the early 2000s, but if you can look past that, then you would certainly appreciate all the information that it has to offer.

2. Anime News Network (Manga News)

Manga websites ann mangadigest

Despite the word “Anime” on its name, ANN also heavily featured manga news along with other news on anime and Japan. 

From news about manga that has received an official English translation, Japan’s manga awards and charts, interviews with mangakas, and lots of other manga-related news. 

You can find other websites that also regularly feature news on manga, such as on MyAnimeList, and Crunchyroll. But none of them are as extensive as ANN.

3. Reddit (Manga Forum)

Manga websites reddit mangadigest

What good is a hobby if you can’t share it with other like-minded people, right? Well, as some wise man said decades ago, “No matter what your passion is, there will be a subreddit for that!” 

Yes, as the largest forum in the internet, Reddit houses some of the biggest and most active manga forums in their r/manga. Not only that, there are tons of other subreddit for specific titles and various manga topics as well. 

There are other manga websites with forums, such as MyAnimeList or Crunchyroll, but none of them hold a candle to reddit. Both in terms of participants and content variations. 

4. Viz Media (Manga Publishers)

Manga websites viz media mangadigest

Despite the title, this section is dedicated to all official manga publishers’ websites out there. Not only Viz, but also Kodansha, Yen Press, Vertical, and many others. 

As a manga reader, you should know about this website. Not only in order to know the status of the manga that they’re currently publishing, but also to find some discount or promo codes. 

You don’t have to visit them everyday, but checking them out once a month or during holiday season is always a good practice.

5. Mangamo (Digital Manga Subscription)

Manga websites mangamo mangadigest

Since Netflix disrupted the movie industry with their online subscription model, lots of other fields and mediums try to emulate their success. And Mangamo is the Netflix version for manga. 

Mangamo has more than 300 libraries of manga under its belt and it will only keep on growing. Some of the most popular manga like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Seven Deadly Sins, sit nicely within their catalog.

And yes, just like Netflix, there’s a monthly subscription for this service. But I think $4.99 (in Sept 2021) is rather cheap compared to all the manga that you’d got to read there, right?

6. Manga Plus (Free Manga Provider)

Manga website manga plus mangadigest

If the previous entry is about an online digital manga subscription website, then this one is about a place where you can legally read those manga for free. Yes, free!

Manga Plus is an online reading platform from Shueisha Japan, and by extension, Viz Media. You can read most of their titles in Manga Plus, including new titles and weekly chapter updates. 

That being said, you are limited to only the titles from their own catalog, such as One Piece, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, etc. 

Not only that, you are also only free to read the first and last three chapters. But since I only read the weekly ongoing series from them, I’m fine with those restrictions. 

7. Manga Digest (Manga review, essay, and recommendation)

Manga websites digest mangadigest

And last but not least, a shameless plug. Manga Digest is by far the youngest website of them all. But I strive to create exciting contents that would both inform and entertain you. So in terms of tenacity, I won’t lose to all the big guys. 

Manga Digest might only be a labor of passion of a manga enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing of value here. There are manga reviews, recommendations, guides, essays, and many more. And it will only grow bigger with time.

And since you’re here already, please feel free to snoop around. Hopefully there’s something that will catch your attention here. 

And there you have it, folks. Seven websites that every manga reader should know and should visit regularly. Because as I mentioned before, these are the websites that would support your passion for Manga. 

There are several alternatives out there for each category. So you should look around to find the one that you like most. But from my experience, these are some of the best options that you could find within any of the above categories. 

So be sure to check them out. 

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